The advantages of a new laser technique -LDI laser direct imaging

Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) Laser Direct imaging (LDI) Laser direct imaging (LDI) Laser direct imaging (LDI) Laser direct imaging (LDI) Laser direct imaging (LDI) Laser direct imaging (LDI) : A technique in which a circuit image is directly projected in the form of a laser beam onto a photoresist coated circuit board to achieve pattern transfer.

Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) directly utilizes the data stream to drive the device to image on the PCB. On the one hand, it can improve the manufacturing precision and pass rate of fine wire, so that the multi-layer PCB alignment is more accurate. On the other hand, it can shorten the production process, speed up the turnover, and reduce


LDI has a number of advantages:

Quality - Past photo film issues have led to imperfect images as they are susceptible to temperature or humidity fluctuations. Laser images can produce more accurate and consistent images and eliminate any defects associated with film.

Laser imaging provides accurate positioning and improved resolution. Image lines, Spaces and alignment are more accurate. Photo methods require temperature and humidity controlled environments in order to provide the most accurate image transmission for images. LDI reduces environmental benefits

Image effects and eliminates the effects of light refraction inherent in photo processing techniques.

Advantages of direct laser imaging

1) Film and printing defects are eliminated;

2) In the laser imaging system, the influence of temperature and humidity on the product in the controlled environment used is eliminated or reduced. In addition to cost savings and quality improvements.

There are many technical advantages to direct laser imaging,

1) Resolution: Because the laser spot diameter is small, the laser direct imaging system has improved the resolution, improved performance and high precision. Further improvements in laser direct imaging systems in the future will allow for higher fine lines and spacing.

Performance of laser direct imaging (LDI) lasers

• High power stability

• Excellent optical properties

• Easy maintenance • Intelligent control

• High power common wavelength 405nm, power can be made 10W-40W (customizable)


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